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Get a cost estimate for a website design

These questions should be helpful as a starting place for organizing the content and preparing the materials for your website. This information will be central to the design process and will be used to appoximate time and cost estimates.

Start by drawing up a rough outline of your content and itemizing functional requirements, graphics, photos, charts/diagrams and any other media to be presented.

What is the process of conceptualizing, developing and publishing a website? Find out all there is to know from start to finish.
Understand the process

Tailoring a website design and content for a target audience, demographic or market

1. What is your target audience?

(eg: Shoppers, women, homeowners, kids, etc.)

2. What does your audience want from the website?

(eg: Product/service, information & resources, documents, etc.)

3. What do you want from your audience?

(eg: Purchases, inquiries/quote requests, feedback, etc.)

Design considerations for producing powerful, memorable, and effective small business websites

1. Describe any style & mood preferences

(eg: Stylish, corporate, clean, fun, professional, etc.)

2. Are there any color preferences/requirements?

(eg: Company colors, PMS colors, etc.)

3. Do you have related photographic/graphic materials?

(eg: Logo, product photos, illustrations, etc.)

Intelligent navigation, information architecture, and content production for small business websites

1. What pages/sections do you envision?

(eg: About us, products, FAQs, testimonials, policies, etc.)

2. Generally, in what format is your content?

(eg: Text & graphics, photo/video, charts/graphs, etc.)

3. Will you require any functional components?

(eg: e-commerce, gallery/slideshow, forms, etc.)

Planning, preparing and organizing information and resources for useful websites

1. What type of project is this?

(eg: e-commerce, gallery/presentational, information/reference, etc.)

2. Do you have a specific deadline?

(Minimum development time is generally 4-6 weeks.)

3. Will you need a logo/brand design or business stationery?

(eg: Logo, business cards, letterhead & envelope, cards, etc.)

Selling products online using savvy website design and e-commerce technology

1. Will you be listing any products?

2. If yes, do they fall into different categories?

(eg: Artwork, frames, hardware, accessories, etc.)

3. How often do you plan to update your products?

(eg: Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.)

4. Do you have a product line sheet?

Work with an experienced website designer to produce a smart, stylish, professional website that maximizes visibility and exposure

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