Custom music for media

Get a cost estimate for custom music

These questions should be helpful as a starting place for conceptualizing the music and tailoring its style to suit your project. This information will be central to the creative process and will be used to appoximate time and cost estimates.

For a film or TV production include a brief story synopsis, or describe characters or action with which the music is to be heard.

Examples of tracks or artists whose music appeals to you can be handy.

What goes into creating a music track? How is music tailored to fit your visuals? Learn about the music production process.
Understand the process

1. What is your target audience?

(eg: 18-35s, automobile fans, business, etc.)

2. What does your audience seek?

(eg: Entertainment, product/service info, news, etc.)

3. What do you want to communicate to your audience?

(eg: Excitement, fun, info&facts, innovation, etc.)

1. Describe the style & mood you envision

(eg: Upbeat, classical, rock, soothing, etc.)

2. What is the purpose of this music?

(eg: Background, dramatic support, intro, etc.)

1. Describe any format preferences/requirements

(eg: 30 seconds, 48kHz AIFF, 8bit/8kHz telephony, etc.)

2. Do you have any reference materials?

(eg: Raw footage, storyboard, script, etc.)

1. What type of project is this?

(eg: Film/TV show, corporate presentation, game, etc.)

2. Do you have a specific deadline?

(eg: ASAP, three weeks, end of September, etc.)

3. If for TV/radio/web, will you need a website or graphics?

(eg: Promotional video, TV commercial, web ad, etc.)




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