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Creative design at the professional level is usually a privilege enjoyed only by deep-pocketed corporations with big budgets.

But things change fast. The web has opened up new avenues of design and creativity that are affordable and accessible to those smart enough to seek them out.

The entrepreneurs, small business owners and corporations who work to realize the true capacity of their enterprises—and who understand the potency of an effective design strategy—will profit most from my creative services.

Most innovative, unconventional designs are happy accidents borne from necessity.  There are no design experts.
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  1. You're not just building a website; you're also building a long-term relationship with a designer who will work to understand your business and your audience.
  2. Find a designer who thinks like a marketer and who will work to understand WHO YOU ARE, WHAT YOU DO and WHO YOU SERVE. Everything else is secondary.
  3. Well-crafted websites take time & care. Don't be suckered by offers of "cheap websites", "flat rates", and "ready in 5 days". Watch out for "discounts" and "sales".
  4. A "full-service" agency does not imply the best work. Trust what you see—and positive client testimonials—from good, independent designers.
  5. "Free consultation" is usually a dead giveway. A consultation with a reputable designer will always be free, and if it isn't, be wary.
  6. Quality is more important than quantity; don't be seduced by bloated portfolios. Avoid "website factories" and web shops who offer their services from "outsourced" or "offshore" subcontractors.
  7. Like stock logos, Flash/template websites are not capable of communicating the qualities of your business. They will only make you look like everything else. Remember: You get what you pay for.
  8. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not rocket science and is often overpriced and oversold. Instead, focus your budget on a more intelligent website and smarter content.
  9. Content is king. A great design means nothing if the designer has a poor grasp of the subject and its relevance to your business.
  10. Ask your designer lots of questions. Designers worth their salt will have intelligent answers.

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They say that composers make excellent programmers and that fine cuisine is like beautiful music. So coding a widget should be like making a really, really amazing PBJ.

This is why I could never have been a lumberjack.

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