Copywriting and content development

Get a cost estimate for copywriting and content development

These questions should be helpful as a starting place for identifying the target audience and for defining the content parameters. This information will be central to developing the content and will be used to appoximate time and cost estimates.

Start by drawing up a rough outline of your content needs and itemizing key concepts, themes, phrases and any other ideas to be presented.

Having examples of content or ad copy that appeal to you can be handy.

Tailoring ad copy and content for a target audience, demographic or market

1. What is your target audience?

(eg: Athletes, parents, voters, discerning professionals, etc.)

2. What does your audience seek?

(eg: A lifestyle, product/service, information, etc.)

3. What do you want to communicate to your audience?

(ie: What are you selling?)

Style considerations for producing engaging, concise, and effective copy

1. Describe the style & mood you envision

(eg: Formal, friendly, business, technical, raw/slang, etc.)

2. What is the purpose of this copy?

(eg: Sales/promotional, educational, political, informational, etc.)

Intelligent, informative ad copy and content for small business

1. Describe any format preferences/requirements

(eg: Narration, web content, essay, list, etc.)

2. Do you have related product/service information?

(eg: Spec/data sheet, testimonials, competitor ad, etc.)

Planning, preparing and organizing concepts, information and materials for effective ad copy and content

1. What type of project is this?

(eg: Website, brochure, email, magazine ad, TV/radio ad, etc.)

2. Do you have a specific deadline?

(eg: ASAP, three weeks, end of September, etc.)

3. How much copy do you need written/edited?

(eg: x web pages, 60 seconds, 1,500 words, etc.)

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